Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Birth Control Could Do for You

Birth control pills are known for helping sexually active women avoid pregnancy, but they can be used for much more. You don't have to be sexually active to benefit from taking birth control. The pregnancy aversion is just an added bonus of being on the pills. There are plenty of other uses for BC in the world, and understanding those uses may help you see the full extent of what birth control could do for you. If you are a woman who has gone through puberty, you may be able to see a number of improvements from taking a simple birth control pill. Here are some of the advantages you may come across along the way.

Regular Periods

Most women don't run on a normal schedule. Mother Nature is supposed to keep things flowing on a monthly basis, but some women will go two or three months without experiencing a period. If you want to have a more predictable schedule than that, you need to take birth control. It will regulate your menstrual cycle so that you can predict the exact day when you will start your period each month.

Less Frequent Periods

If you want to go three months without having a period, you can on birth control. Most doctors do not recommend that, but it is still an option to keep in mind. Some pills are actually designed to prevent your period for three months at a time. You just have to find the right pill for you.

Shorter, Lighter Periods

Some women naturally have heavier flows than others, but birth control can help to alleviate those issues. BC pills control the wall that builds up inside of the uterus, which is the element that causes the bleeding during a menstrual cycles. The pills can make the wall small, which means that you will have a shorter, lighter period. This does not happen for everyone, but it is common as a whole.


Many acne symptoms in women are caused by hormonal imbalances, but birth control can help to balance everything out. This only happens through certain forms of birth control though, like Yaz or Estrostep. You will have to talk to your doctor to find out if you can improve your acne by getting on birth control. This will vary from one person to the next.

Menstrual Migraines

Do you get really bad headaches whenever you go on your period, to the point that you can barely think straight during the day? If so, you may want to get on birth control. This can replenish the estrogen in your body that you need to keep your migraines at bay. Some women experience improvements from low-dose birth control pills, but others need an extended cycle pill to fully get rid of their migraine headaches. You will have to test this out to see where you stand.


If you have PMS or PMDD, you could seek relief for your symptoms in birth control. This should help you control your mood swings, eliminate your pain, and keep your mind in order while you are on your period. Results vary from one woman to the next, so you will have to see what sort of improvements you experience.

Talk to your gynecologist about getting on birth control, even if you don't plan on having sex any time soon. The health benefits that may come from it are well worth any money you might put towards it. As long as you are a full-fledged, period-having, mood-swinging, hormonal bag of womanhood, you can find something to like about birth control pills.


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